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  • 2017/11/03
    Indu Bhushan, director-general for East Asia of the Asian Development Bank, says: "If you look at the policies and political commitment, it's right up there. President Xi talked about it five years ago, they have all the plans and targets in place. There is a lot of financing being put into it. "Onl...
  • 2017/06/23
    "We will develop water purifying pens that are suitable for Chinese markets, and pens made in Jieyang will also be sold to Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe," he says.About 165 companies and organizations from European countries - including Germany, Spain, Austria, France and the Czech Republic - an...
  • 2016/07/23
    German analysts believe Chinese companies can adopt a better way of doing business with foreign investors from Germany, as directly working through a German government agency is not a very effective way to attract business.Hermann Simon, chairman of Simon-Kucher Partners, a global consultancy firm b...
  • 2015/06/26
    German vocational training system adopted to produce more engineers, technicians Importing advanced technologies from overseas does not guarantee China's manufacturing industries will be able to upgrade if the country fails to cultivate enough qualified technicians or engineers, an expert says. Li Y...
  • 2014/07/07
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel embarked on her seventh visit to China since she took office in 2005. On her agenda are meetings in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province, and Beijing and a mix of economic, political and cultural activities. Apart from meeting President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqia...
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