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  • 2014/05/02
    Sino-German Industrial Services Zone, also known as Foshan New City, was set up in 2012. It will bring industrial service projects from Europe. Provided to China DailyGuangdong draws on foreign capital and expertise as investment parks take root Germany's industrial prowess is being felt strongly i...
  • 2013/03/14
    The government should establish a new Shantou special economic zone to include two more cities in in order to attract investment and create an additional growth point for regional development, according to a proposal submitted to the 12th Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. "At pres...
  • 2013/01/16
    GUANGZHOU - In a Buddhist temple a man asked the abbot if he would lend the local government a dozen orphans ahead of an inspection. The abbot refused the request.This absurd scenario in South China's Guangdong province was recorded on video and posted online last week by micro-blogger Xia Chuhui.Al...
  • 2011/08/06
    China Forestry Holdings Co, the timber supply company partly owned by the Carlyle Group, had its credit rating raised by Standard Poor's Ratings after it bought back some of its debt.S P increased China Forestry's rating one level to CCC-, according to a statement on Friday. It has a "negative outlo...
  • 2010/12/09
    Businessman Huang Changran donated funds to rebuild Jieyang Tower on the site of the ancient city gate.It was one of the largest sources of overseas Chinese, so it's not suprising that Jieyang in Guangdong province sees relations with its far-flung relatives as important, especially for social and ...
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